HungerRush Buys AI-Driven Text Message Ordering Solution

HungerRush has acquired OrdrAI, a l text and voice ordering provider for the restaurant industry. This acquisition will extend the capabilities of the HungerRush Restaurant Management System through the addition of a text-to-order solution.

The heart of OrdrAI’s innovative technology resides in its conversational AI that interprets orders placed using the SMS function of a mobile device. The combination of natural language processing (NLP) with real-time quality control delivers a fast, convenient and reliable consumer experience. With OrdrAI, HungerRush takes a critical step toward providing an AI-driven, multi-channel digital ordering platform designed to help restaurants achieve profitable digital transformation.

The OrdrAI text-to-order solution provides:

  • AI-driven interpretation of text orders that improves the speed and ease of accepting digital orders for pickup or delivery.
  • Continuous learning and improved order accuracy.
  • A secondary confirmation process to clarify order accuracy, when needed.
  • Text marketing for personalized promotional and loyalty efforts.
  • Web ordering capabilities, such as web-based text messages.
  • Comprehensive and seamless systems integration with POS, menu, pricing, coupons, delivery zones, order, payment and rewards.
  • A streamlined checkout experience allowing use of a credit card on file, guest checkout, or cash payment options.

Text-to-order will be available with the HungerRush Restaurant Management System or as an optional add-on for existing customers.

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