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HuHot Draws ‘Least Likely’ Visitors into Restaurants with Paytronix Predictive Scoring

Paytronix Systems, Inc., an innovator in mobile loyalty and online ordering applications, mobile payment, and digital communication tools, announced that HuHot Mongolian Grill has deployed Paytronix scoring to motivate its most unlikely visitors to come in and purchase meals. HuHot is leveraging the Paytronix predictive scoring capability to increase incremental revenue by sending loyalty and promotional offers to only customers who would not otherwise visit without the campaign offer.

The Paytronix scoring solution predicts future customer behavior by blending data to indicate the likelihood that a member will present specific behavior or attributes. Each member is assigned a score that's as easy to interpret as a FICO credit score. This simple and powerful capability can score millions of customers on a variety of dimensions to help marketers engage consumers with highly targeted, relevant communications.

HuHot Mongolian Grill deployed Paytronix scoring in order to ensure that marketing is giving members relevant offers based upon their likelihood to visit. Scoring also ensures that the brand does not cannibalize sales by giving people rich offers if they would come into the restaurant anyway without the promotion.

“With Paytronix scoring I have more confidence in my campaigns. Paytronix has the knowledge and resources for accurate predictive analytics, so I trust the scoring and its ability to help us create impactful campaigns,” said Monica Minford, Digital Marketing Director for HuHot Mongolian Grill. “We’ve also gained a clear understanding of how our emailed promotions are performing, so we can repeat or refine the ones that drive incremental visits and spending.”

HuHot franchisees originally were concerned that the loyalty program would discount people who would come into their restaurants anyway. The Paytronix scoring and segmentation of offers quickly won over the franchisees as they saw the more aggressive loyalty promotions were only reaching guests that weren’t likely to visit. Guests who hadn’t been in the franchisees’ restaurants for quite a while started coming back in.

“Using Paytronix scoring, we get a bigger and more informed picture of everything. We’re able to accurately identify which guests have lapsed and can act on that with a customized offer to draw them back in for a meal,” said Minford.

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