HTNG Launches Frictionless Check-in Workgroup

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
Michal Christine  Escobar  profile picture

Hotels have invested millions of dollars into technologies including kiosks, RFID key cards, mobile apps and mobile keys over the past few years with the goal of providing guests an express check-in experience. Unfortunately, due to identify theft, potential credit card fraud, plus recent hotel tragedies and looming security threats, this sought after check-in experience is ever harder to achieve.

This workgroup will conduct the following research and ultimately publish a document that provides guidance to hotels seeking to provide frictionless check-in experiences in multiple regions around the world:

  • Identify steps to facilitate a check-in and the solutions used for each step in the process
  • Administer a survey for hotels worldwide to report what the known requirements are in their region and what process they are using to meet requirements
  • Classify the regulatory requirements for check-in in regions around the globe; prioritizing Asia, EMEA and the EU with countries including, but not limited to, UAE, Russia, Germany, China and Japan where identification documents such as passports, visas and registration cards are required
  • Publish a Frictionless Check-in Best Practices document identifying solutions capable of enabling these experiences and satisfying authorities

The kickoff teleconference for HTNG's Frictionless Check-in Workgroup will be held on Thursday, August 23 at 9:00 AM CST.