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HTNG Charters NFC Contactless Payments Workgroup

HTNG launches the NFC Contactless Payments Workgroup to help hospitality brands better understand the contactless payments-enabled solutions currently available.

NFC Contactless Payments include, but are not limited to, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay. Among hospitality brands, there is an uneven acceptance of these contactless payment methods, which causes an inconsistent payment experience throughout the industry. This conflict often results in a negative customer experience and the uncertainty for brands to continue to use this type of payment in the future.

Various factors, including the number of parties involved, have led to delays of implementation and execution of contactless payments in the hospitality industry. There has been an arising difficulty for hospitality brands to know what the latest technology is and how to prepare for future advancements.

HTNG’s NFC Contactless Payments Workgroup will not only help the hospitality industry better understand these payments, but will also help drive other solutions to accept contactless payments.

The workgroup will create a white paper to cover appropriate steps to take and to explain the value of going contactless to improve and deliver a seamless customer experience. This document will also enumerate use cases for hotels, address unique security concerns and considerations for contactless payments, as well as chargebacks and fraud.

The kickoff teleconference for the NFC Contactless Payments Workgroup will be held on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 11:00 AM CST. To sign up, HTNG members can visit the NFC Contactless Payments Workgroup page and log-in to join the workgroup.

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