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How Seamless Wi-Fi and IPTV Solution Positions Luxury Resort for More Innovation

The Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, California has successfully implemented a highly customized cloud-based Wi-Fi network infrastructure from InnSpire, along with its IPTV guestroom solution. The Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino consists of 255 rooms, ranging from 450 to 1,450 square feet of space.

Leveraging the Zyxel Nebula Cloud Network Management system, InnSpire completed a complete overhaul of the property's previous ineffective and outdated wired guest internet to provide the latest guestroom entertainment and Wi-Fi platforms for the property, including interactive TVs with streaming and casting capabilities.

The Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino sought to upgrade its existing network infrastructure in response to guest complaints about poor Wi-Fi connectivity and stability, which negatively impacted the guest experience, as well as the property's online review scores. Leveraging the Zyxel Nebula Cloud Network Management System, InnSpire was selected to deliver a completely cloud managed, network topology with over 1,000 network devices and a robust HSIA gateway with a centralized PMS interface.

One major component of the Tachi Palace's network upgrade was the implementation of remote management capabilities, allowing hotel operators to service a guestroom's Wi-Fi network without physically visiting the room and disrupting the guest's stay further. InnSpire worked closely with Zyxel to ensure that the rollout of the property's updated network infrastructure was seamlessly implemented, while providing instant improvements to the Wi-Fi offering. Because Nebula doesn't require a physical server on-site to control the hotel's network, guestroom access is no longer needed for network maintenance. In addition, any device can be added to the Nebula network by scanning an attached QR code, making future additions to the network simple and seamless, with no additional technical expertise required.

"Our new cloud-managed Zyxel network that was implemented by InnSpire has vastly improved the Wi-Fi experience for our guests at the property," said Rojelio Morales, director of marketing at the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino. "Before, if guests wanted to connect their laptop, they had to actually hardwire it into the system, whereas now it is Wi-Fi."



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As a result of the successful network upgrade, the property is now considering "smart" guestroom upgrades, such as controllable drapes and lights to further enhance the guest experience.

InnSpire utilized the Zyxel solution in order to ensure that the Tachi Palace is able to offer its guests robust Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a wider range of digital offerings and a more advanced guestroom entertainment solution. According to InnSpire, the platform is capable of adapting to and accommodating future innovations, giving the property a foundation for additional guest service upgrades, as needed.

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