How to Make the Contact-Free Hotel Experience Personal and Engaging


Hoteliers are gearing up for the ‘new normal’ with new social distancing and safety measures but there is a concern that a contactless experience will signal an impersonal and distant one - exactly the opposite to being hospitable and guest centric. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Hoteliers can still deliver an engaging and enjoyable guest experience by adopting new practices that satisfy both the guest and the hotel’s bottom line.

Contact-free solutions can help hoteliers reduce physical contact as much as possible and boost revenue when they reopen and start welcoming guests again:

Digital guest registration & communication

It all starts with a guest making a booking online, where hotels can promote new enticing offers and deals, in addition to their flexible cancellation and amendment policies. From here, hotels can send out pre-stay communications to their guests using simple and automated templates in their PMS to reassure and comfort guests and relay useful information on new operational and safety measures in place – as well as providing potentially upsell incentives. Arrival times can be prearranged and guests can fill in their registration details online ahead of their arrival to create a safe and manageable flow through reception during check-in.

Food and beverage digital ordering

During their stay, online food and drink menus can provide guests with the ability to order food and beverages digitally. Orders can then be delivered to a guest’s room or table. Alternatively, orders can be collected, or delivered to guests via one of the third party delivery providers.  Again, another way of maintaining a safe distance and providing a potentially new and efficient revenue stream for hotels.

Payments and check out

Hotels can keep in contact with their guests during their stay via SMS, email, WhatsApp, LiveChat etc. so they have all the hotel information like floor plans, cleaning guidelines and new leisure/F&B processes at their disposal. And when it comes to checking out, guests could review and pay their final bill online, again to avoid any build up at reception.

Going forward, the relationship between hotels and their guests will be different, but that doesn't mean the guest experience should be any less enjoyable. These types of solutions will enable hoteliers to reopen as quickly and efficiently as possible, adopting the new practices that reflect current safety and social distancing measures.

Reduced contact points

Hoteliers need solutions that reduce the physical contact points that guests incur but heighten the engagement through digital means – which will help drive customer confidence as well as protecting vital revenue streams pre, during and post-stay.

We’re consulting clients on an on-going basis and engaging with them to address the most pertinent challenges and ensure we’re delivering the most appropriate and business critical solutions. Demonstrations and training videos for all customers will also be available to ensure they’re confident in the new processes from day one.

About the Author

Hamzah Hafesji is Senior Product Manager at GuestlineEstablished in the UK, Guestline provides innovative property management and distribution software to the hospitality industry. Founded on cloud technology, Guestline's revenue generating solutions enable hotel groups and independents of all sizes to achieve maximum occupancy at the most profitable rate.

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