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How The Briad Group Reduces Costs at Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar


The Briad Group, one of America’s fastest growing restaurant and hospitality companies, has reduced both food and labor costs at multiple concepts, including 17 Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar sites by using the CrunchTime platform.

A customer for more than 10 years, The Briad Group is continuously innovating its restaurant operations management by implementing and testing new products like CrunchTime’s mobile solutions.

A long-time customer, The Briad Group uses CrunchTime’s food and labor operations platform across numerous concepts, including its Zinburger restaurants, to manage several critical business components. The organization has successfully reduced food costs by leveraging the Actual vs Theoretical food cost variance report and is increasingly streamlining labor processes with CrunchTime’s TeamworX labor management tool. With approximately 1500+ team members working in 62 restaurants, The Briad Group uses TeamworX to manage scheduling for all its staff and is seeing positive results.

“Rolling out TeamworX was a huge, but worthwhile undertaking,” says Emily Whitney, CrunchTime Administrator for The Briad Group. “Now managers say scheduling takes a fraction of the time it once did. They can clearly see if someone is available or not. I can’t say enough of all the good things. We just love TeamworX.”

Since implementing the CrunchTime restaurant operations platform, Briad Group has realized the following benefits:

Cost Savings – CrunchTime creates better transparency, ensures restaurants stay within certain thresholds, tracks cost variances, and pinpoints opportunities for cost savings to make sure each location is properly managed.

Labor Management – The Briad Group can examine historical trends, which is used in conjunction with sales forecasts to project how many team members will be required for each shift. 

Reporting – The Briad Group executive team can pull reports regarding schedules, inventory, and food costs, among many other areas of the business, to determine if restaurants are operating efficiently.

Menu Item Pricing – For a new menu item like a cocktail, Whitney can calculate how much it will cost and use that information to set the price. Recipes are pre-set by the culinary team from each brand and then entered into the CrunchTime system. Adjustments are made as needed per pricing determinations. The system is also used to establish nutrition and allergy information at their Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar locations.

Customized Training  – Whenever Whitney rolls out new CrunchTime functionality she offers two or three live training sessions. She uploads her session recordings to the cloud for her restaurant managers to watch at their convenience. She also uploads PDFs of walk-throughs for common procedures, many of which are unique to The Briad Group. Storing these documents in a central location ensures that all managers understand the system’s functionality and have access to information that especially applies to their role.

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