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HotSchedules Launches Mobile Companion to The Manager’s Red Book

HotSchedules, a provider of workforce and back office solutions for the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries, announced the launch of the Red Book Keep App, the mobile companion to The Manager’s Red Book. The easy-to-use app allows restaurants and hospitality companies to take their operations mobile, documenting the critical pages and tasks securely in the cloud.

A consistently great customer experience is the bedrock of any great restaurant operation, and managers have long needed tools to run the perfect shift while giving store leaders visibility into their operations. The Manager’s Red Book allows restaurant, retail and hospitality companies to track critical information, improve shift-to-shift communication and increase accountability and performance. While the Manager’s Red Books have long been an essential tool to run the perfect shift, one million books are published and shipped annually, the new Red Book Keep App addresses the industry’s evolution toward cloud documentation solutions.

The mobile app offers a cloud-based portal for in-store managers to share the content of their books with the corporate team and above-store leadership to provide insight into store-level operations without being on-site. This access helps ensure pages are being completed and gives managers the ability to hold themselves accountable for how their stores are performing. The app also allows above-store users to submit feedback to their Manager’s Red Book Customer Success Team, helping to identify and address areas of improvement.

"The Red Book Keep App is extremely user-friendly," said Ergun Uslu, District Manager at Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. "Our managers and teams are filling out their Manager's Red Books better than they ever have. The added accountability with the new app is definitely improving their productivity."

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