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HotSchedules and BiRite Automate Food Ordering and Inventory Management for Restaurants

HotSchedules®, provider of mobile technology for the restaurant and hospitality industries, and BiRite Foodservice Distributors, a northern California foodservice distributor, announced a partnership to automate food ordering and inventory management for their customers. Restaurants can now order and receive BiRite products through HotSchedules Inventory. The integration saves time and eliminates errors from inventory counts.
HotSchedules Inventory helps restaurants manage their second largest cost: food. A substitute for clipboards and spreadsheets, the application enables team members to count inventory on mobile devices, and through a POS integration, it can adjust inventory levels based on sales. This closes the gap between theoretical and actual food costs so that managers can identify waste, theft, and inefficiencies.  
HotSchedules is integrating with BiRite and other foodservice distributors to simplify this process. Restaurant managers can now view their specific BiRite catalog in Inventory and place digital orders as needed. Rather than count new items during receiving, team members can let Inventory automatically adjust counts based on the order. When items fall below par levels, Inventory will auto-generate orders for replacements. The manager can send the order with one tap and receive confirmation in Inventory.
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