HotelsByDay App Allows Guests to Book Hotel Rooms, Amenities for the Day 

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Finding a place to recharge for a few hours, daycation with the family by the pool, work in privacy or hold an important meeting on the fly can be difficult. HotelsByDay allows people to book last minute hotel rooms and amenities for a block of time without the hassle or headache.

HotelsByDay web-app enhances hotel experiences with daytime inventory of rooms and amenity passes sold in time bands of three to 12+ hours. Daytime bedrooms, meeting rooms, coworking desks, pool passes, cabanas, gym passes, and parking passes are some of the options that are available to purchase through the web-app.

Instead of being stuck with the standard check-in and check-out hours of 3pm and 11am, HotelsByDay provides the flexibility of booking during off hotel hours such as daytime hours of 7am-7pm. The app even allows people to sort between credit-card required and “book now, pay later” options to help meet guests’ needs.

HotelsByDay was created by founder Yannis Moati after working in the travel industry for years and noticing common requests from guests that could rarely be met. “Being a travel agent and tour operator for 15 years, guests increasingly requested some booking flexibility, as in early check-in or late check-out, or a room for a few hours to rest after a long flight,” said Moati. “HotelsByDay was launched in 2015 with the mission of enhancing hospitality, by offering technology that unlocks day-time inventory and booking flexibility.”

HotelsByDay has thousands of hotel options to choose from in places people need them the most like business districts, shopping hubs, by airports and near beaches. On average, the app has over 150,000 registered bookings and over 7,000 daytime passes available for sale daily and all-day rates are discounted from night rates by 50% or more.

For more information about HotelsByDay and to download the app visit:

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