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Hotel X Toronto Now Offers a Virtual Concierge

Life-size holographic platform allows guests to interact with remote staff members.
Hotel X Toronto Virtual Concierge
Hotel X Toronto Virtual Concierge
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Hotel X Toronto recently announced that it now offers guests access to a virtual concierge. The Proto Epic is a life-size holographic communications platform that lets viewers see, hear, and interact with others who are literally “beamed in” from anywhere in the world, either live or pre-recorded. This technological innovation delivers a real-life, real-size, real-time, virtual concierge to answer any question a guest may have. 

To learn more about this technology, where it came from, and why Hotel X Toronto decided to implement it, Hospitality Technology reached out to Matt Black, Director of Marketing & Revenue at Hotel X Toronto as well as Glenn E. Smith, Chief Customer Officer at HoloMedia.

What can the virtual concierge do? 

Smith: The holographic Virtual Concierge platform offers a real digital solution with a more human approach to engaging guests 24/7, it's as if they were really in the lobby having a two-way conversation with a real person, providing relevant, interactive content and communications to enhance their stay.  The Virtual Concierge hostess "Alexis" can't make you coffee in the morning; however, "Alexis" can tell you about her favorite cocktail at the Valerie restaurant or even help you get to where you want to go by using the complimentary car shuttle service. "Alexis" also offers you little secret nuggets of information you might not have known as you walk by.  

Black: There are many different ways for guests to interact with our staff.  From phone to in-person to text messaging, guests can choose the communication method they are most comfortable with. The virtual concierge offers another medium for guests to obtain information and get recommendations and is available 24/7.  

How does the virtual concierge complement your in-person concierge?

Black: This technology enhances our in-person concierge by answering a lot of the basic questions and frees up time for our concierge to handle the more elaborate requests.

How are guests reacting to this technology?

Black: Guests are interacting with the technology a lot! Our property is expansive, and guests may not get a chance to explore all we have to offer. So the virtual concierge offers a unique opportunity to learn more about our offerings in an interactive way.

Any funny anecdotes you can share?

Black: Our virtual concierge (Alexis) has started to show up in our guest feedback and reviews as guests have found "her" to be very helpful.  A few children have asked us where she sleeps at night as the technology really makes it seem like she is in the box!

Why is Hotel X Toronto convinced this is a good investment?

Black: As truly an urban resort, we have so many amenities and offerings for guests to enjoy. There is a lot of information to convey to guests, and it's too much to absorb at check-in. This technology allows us to share and reiterate all that there is to see and do and does so in a unique and engaging way.

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