Hotel Room Chooser Technology Allows Guests to Choose Their Own Room

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Hotel Room Chooser Technology Allows Guests to Choose Their Own Room


Hotel Room Chooser, an online platform that allows guests to choose their own hotel room prior to check-in from Filter Digital, is now available to all hotel chains, boutique hotels and spas.

The technology, which enables hoteliers to own customer relationships and data, increase direct bookings, maximise brand experience and encourage loyalty, has been developed by London-based Filter Digital and has already been utilised by one of the UK’s leading hotel chains.

Hotel Room Chooser provides guests with a visual choice of location for their booking, so they can pick the best individual room or environment for their stay and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Guests using the service are presented with bespoke interactive floorplans, photography, 360 experiences and more so they have everything they need to choose the room they want. The entire experience is also optimised for mobile.

A built-in notification system uses email and SMS to communicate with guests throughout the room choosing process, including confirmation once complete.

For hoteliers, Hotel Room Chooser has the flexibility to be either fully integrated into their existing CRM and booking journeys or sit outside of them as a post-booking process. It’s also fully scalable, with the option to add booking locations and apply multiple branding.

The platform is hosted externally, with live API and network integration possible – crucially, all customer data is fully encrypted via SSL, making Hotel Room Chooser extremely secure.

Hoteliers using Hotel Room Chooser also benefit from integration with reception desks at individual locations, all the while capturing customer feedback, with detailed real-time and monthly reporting available via an interactive dashboard.

And this new technology has the power to dramatically increase direct bookings. In a recent survey of 500 customers where Hotel Room Chooser was available:

  • 75% of customers did choose their own room
  • 96% found the experience enjoyable
  • 98% said they would use it again