Hotel Operator Launches GuestEQ Messaging Platform to Elevate the Guest Experience

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Connecting with on-property guests in a contactless manner is more critical than ever, and now there is a sleek, cost-effective platform that hoteliers can implement immediately to personalize the guest experience and ensure superior guest satisfaction.

GuestEQ, launched by longtime hotelier Scott Curran, allows hotels to communicate with guests via SMS text message and streamline hotel operations by creating action orders for housekeeping and maintenance. With GuestEQ, staff can check-in guests with no physical contact and build better connections that lead to exceptional experiences and more positive reviews. Simultaneously, it also allows hotels to digitize their entire operations, creating a more efficient workflow by eliminating traditional paper processes, such as guest service requests, maintenance work orders and staff schedules.

“I was using several pieces of software to try and keep our hotels organized. My staff hated it. They were constantly switching from one program to the other and things were being missed,” says Curran, founder of GuestEQ and Chief Operating Officer at Reneson, an owner-operator of eight hotels in Northern California. “Finally, one day, I had enough. I called a developer friend and we created a system that is not only super user friendly, but covers all areas of the hotel operations and has increased our guest service scores across all my hotels.”


GuestEQ launched in 2019 and has been deployed at Reneson properties for more than a year, driving significant improvements in both guest and staff communication. In 2020, after fully realizing the positive impact GuestEQ has on both guest experience and workflow efficiency, the team decided to share the product with a wider market. GuestEQ is finalizing integration with Oracle’s Opera property management system and with a leading revenue management system so guest and reservation data can be shared with other critical systems in the hotel technology stack.


GuestEQ also features a social component that allows hotel operators to connect with other operators within the same brand, management company or ownership group. Here, they can ask questions about anything from operational best practices to brand standards to GuestEQ functionality and receive feedback from their industry peers in real time.


During the COVID pandemic, the GuestEQ team is offering the product for free for hoteliers who need to implement contactless solutions to meet health codes and CDC guidelines. The platform is available to hotels today, and implementation can be accomplished in minutes. Hoteliers can begin using the product simply by visiting the website, answering a few questions about their property and adding user information.


For more information on GuestEQ or to schedule a demo of the product, visit

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