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Hotel Anticipates Immediate ROI on Room Control System to Save on Energy

Salvatore's Grand Hotel, has entered into an agreement to become the first hotel in the world to benefit from joint technology integration between ZENO Controls LLC and its newly acquired division, Verve Living Systems. Last month ZENO, developer of the ZENO wireless gateway and universal controller, announced the purchase of the Verve Living Systems product line of guestroom switches, sensors and thermostats, as well as HVAC, lighting and load controls.
Buffalo's famed independent boutique hotel will immediately begin installation of the award-winning Verve Keycard Switch that will provide point-to-point communication with the room PTAC-air conditioners and be centrally controlled in a wireless environment by the ZENO gateway. This Mesh network will prepare Salvatore's Grand Hotel for a rapid return on investment through immediate energy savings and better position the 100-room hotel for future technology adaptation. 
Verve uses wireless sensors and control products to affordably generate energy-saving solutions for controlling HVAC, lighting and miscellaneous electric loads in guestrooms. ZENO wirelessly connects intelligent devices in rooms to central controls.
The Verve Keycard Switch is small, wireless, and requires no batteries to operate. When a guest enters the room, he or she places the room key into the slot on the KeyCard Switch which then transmits a wireless signal. When in place, guests have complete control over the lights, outlets and the HVAC unit in the room. When removed, the room is designated as unoccupied and electrical devices will turn off or go into eco set back mode, preventing the room’s temperature from moving outside of a comfortable range on return.
Through its Mesh communication with the front desk, the ZENO network not only turns systems on and off, but it also can detect which in-room devices have low battery levels; which rooms have constant occupancy; which rooms have problems with network connectivity; and which are not communicating properly with the hotel PMS and other systems. It tracks and reports equipment run-time which helps in a property's preventive maintenance processes and calculates the energy savings being achieved.
Installation of the joint ZENO/Verve solution is underway. It is projected that all rooms will be equipped with the Verve Keycard Switch by the end of the year. According to Jerge, a return on investment is projected at less than two years by local utility companies.

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