Hospitality Ventures Management Group (HVMG) Launches Trust & Preparedness Plan


Hospitality Ventures Management Group (HVMG), an Atlanta-based, private hotel investment, ownership and management company, today launched its Trust & Preparedness Plan, a comprehensive, guest and associate safety and sanitation program that has been implemented across its entire portfolio of 47 hotels and one convention center in 17 states totaling 7,773 guest rooms.

“We have studied and incorporated the best practices from leading health officials represented by the CDC, WHO, state/local government entities as well as our brands’ required standards into a comprehensive, yet a straightforward, set of procedures,” said Robert Cole, president & CEO, HVMG. “Our goal is to reassure our associates and guests that HVMG is taking every possible step to ensure their safety. While we are anxious to return to higher levels of business, we are not willing to do so at the risk of anyone’s health. These guidelines, which will be activated throughout our hotels, will let guests know what steps we’re taking and direct our associates on the best practices and products to create a sanitized environment in order to earn the trust of those we serve.”

The HVMG Trust & Preparedness Plan was written to provide clear directions to all HVMG properties with regards to COVID-19 ongoing preparedness and prevention measures to ensure associate and guest safety. Protocols range from the installation of hand sanitizer stations in all public spaces to having all associates wearing masks. Additional instructions on sanitizing rooms and public spaces are explained, as are steps to take if a guest or associate tests positive for the coronavirus.

“In addition to compiling the most up-to-date information and best practices from a variety of sources, we have taken things a step further to ensure compliance by introducing a Certified Trust Ambassador at each hotel,” Cole added. “These individuals will be trained in the most up-to-date sanitation and cleaning protocols to ensure all hotels are implementing the plan effectively and consistently. We believe this added layer of responsibility will further establish trust with all of HVMG’s stakeholders as we cautiously seek to establish ‘the new normal.’”

Moving forward, HVMG plans to build a larger Trust Council comprised of both hospitality and non-industry experts to educate its team on changing guidance and emerging technology to steer the company’s safety protocols moving forward. “As proud as we are of this document, it is not intended to be a stagnant, one-time exercise. Our Trust & Preparedness Plan will evolve as we reach out to additional thought leaders and learn more about the coronavirus and best practices to combat it. However, the basics of creating trust through strong safety and sanitation protocols will always be its foundation.”

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