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Hospitality AI Tools Will Help Hotels Connect Emotionally with Guests


In the last few years there has been a significant rise in processes that simplify manual tasks. Artificial intelligence (AI), through features such as Machine Learning, has been rapidly evolving and is already making a huge impact, with technology enabling AI to integrate into everyday life. By using AI, companies across all industries are now able to use data available more effectively to complete tasks.

AI is all around us. We use it every day in our mobile phones, when mapping a route, even when sorting through our emails. And as a result, hotels are beginning to capitalize on this, which is having a significant impact on the hospitality industry. This article from Avvio discusses how the use of AI technology will revolutionize the hospitality industry.

In an era of exponential data, hotels sit on large tranches of information that they typically do not have the manpower to crunch; meaning the opportunities implemented by AI are boundless. While chatbots and mobile phone apps have managed to fulfill some aspects of a ‘digital concierge’ services for some time, the addition of real AI is the moment the hospitality industry has been waiting for.

As operators prioritize not only capturing market share but making sure their existing customers keep coming back; a heightened level of personalization emerges as the critical factor for both hotels and guests. AI tools, such as Machine Learning, have the ability to help a hotel collect data to make specific recommendations, suggest trips, or upsell additional services – and teach itself how to enhance a visitor’s experience. It does this through the tracking and analyzing of data across hundreds of properties, based on geography, guest history, booking preferences, interactions on site, conversions and more. It has now become not about greater choice, but about the perfect choice specifically for that individual.

The use of this Machine Learning allows hoteliers to automatically build up a 360-degree profile of each guest, enabling them to generate a unique journey and curate a more unique experience. This learned customer behavior, allows us to create a unique conversation between the hotel and the guest by leveraging AI at the right moment; and the sophisticated Recommender Engine moves the booking journey away from the one-size-fits-all model of today by making it dynamic and relevant, allowing them to find what they are looking for faster - which will likely ensure a stronger emotional connection with the hotel, and increase the incentive to book direct.

Evidence of this can be seen in next generation of booking engines for hotels and accommodation providers which are powered by artificial intelligence. These focus on driving direct booking and guest loyalty by orchestrating better online interactions between hotels and guests. Such platforms are able to curate relevant options based on demonstrated guest behavior and optimize the journey to guide potential guests to book direct with as high a booking value as possible.

The demand for the implementation of AI technology is also being driven by today’s hotel guests, who are now becoming increasingly accustomed to the level of tailored service offered by sophisticated new AI technologies are. As a result, your future guests will expect smarter and more accurate responses to feel that emotional connection with your hotel; alongside the combination of AI and cognitive technologies to make faster decisions and carry out actions accurately to increase their incentive to book.

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