HMSHost Adds Kiosks to Airport QSRs

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Transactions are up 20% at the 50 locations that use QikServe’s self-ordering kiosks.

HMSHost Adds Kiosks to Airport QSRs

HMS Host plans to add 50 more QikServe kiosks to its North American QSRs.

HMSHost has added self-order kiosks to more than 50 of its quick-service restaurants in airports and highway travel plazas to date and will have 100 up and running in North America by the end of 2019.

The kiosk solution utilizes the QikServe self-service platform and is integrated with HMSHost’s point-of-sale system.

 Kiosk ordering in these restaurants serves travelers using QikServe’s enterprise platform, allowing guests to browse the menu and make selections, order and pay via a digital interface. The ordering process also includes a range of cross-selling and up-selling options that offer guests more options to add to their meal. The kiosks have already demonstrated a typical increase in average transaction value of around 20%.

 “Since deploying the QikServe kiosk solution, we have seen a significant improvement in overall guest satisfaction,” said James Schmitz, vice president of innovation at HMSHost. “We are confident that technology solutions like kiosk ordering are transforming the food industry. By introducing these innovations in travel venues, HMSHost is exposing people from all over the world to the technology-driven future of dining out.”

Self-order kiosks improve the guest experience for travelers by helping combat long lines and providing more flexible levels of interaction when placing an order. Guests have more time to browse the menu with kiosk ordering, often leading to the discovery of new favorites and greater sales. The platform also helps during times of high customer volume, common in travel venues.