HME's System 30 Drive-Thru Timer Upgrade Features Color-Coded Car Graphics and More

HME announces the release of the DASH LCD upgrade to its System 30 Drive-Thru Timer for QSR restaurants. Now customers who already have HME System 30 can take advantage of all the features of the recently introduced HME ZOOM advanced drive-thru system, at a fraction of the cost of an all-new system.
The DASH upgrade has a 17-inch LCD display that serves as a visual dashboard of the restaurant's entire drive-thru, so managers and crew know when to speed things up. Color-coded car graphics and digital timers show at a glance how many cars are in the drive-thru lane and how long each has been waiting at different service points.
"Dash is very vital to our drive-thru operation. It tells us how traffic is being moved through the drive-thru and how we can improve. It is a great asset," says Khan Phomasy, general manager of a Popeye's Chicken San Diego restaurant.
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