HITEC 2022: P3 Hotel Software Showcases Online Booking Journey

At HITEC Booth 2301, P3 will do a complete walkthrough of its online booking journey, including features of its AI-powered booking engine, integrated payment solutions, and online check-in/check-out.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Hotel operators at this month’s HITEC conference in Orlando will get an opportunity to put themselves in their guests’ shoes thanks to an immersive interactive experience designed by P3 Hotel Software

P3 will provide delegates with a complete end-to-end walk through of their online booking journey – including features such as their artificial intelligence-powered booking engine, integrated secure payments solutions and online check-in/checkout. 

The company will demonstrate how hotel customers move through the booking process, the obstacles they encounter and how investing in fully integrated solutions enhances the journey and drives direct bookings. 

HITEC 2022 comes during an exciting year for P3 Hotel Software. The Irish company entered the North American market last year, secured an investment of $800,000 at the beginning of this year, and then opened its first US office last month in Boulder, Colorado. 

P3 has also brought two new products to market. The first, a booking engine driven by artificial intelligence, was developed with AI company Arvoia. It deploys technology similar to that used by Netflix and Instagram to derive a behavioral understanding of the needs of each guest in real-time and prioritize the most relevant rooms, hotel amenities and content accordingly.  

The second product, P3 Essential, is a cost-efficient booking engine which can be rolled out in just one day for an all-inclusive, flat-rate fee starting at just $175 per month.  

P3, a Strategic Oracle Partner that currently works exclusively with Oracle Hospitality, will be at HITEC booth 2301.

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