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HITEC 2022 NEWS: youtip presenting on "The Power of Tipping: Going Beyond the Money” at HITEC Orlando

youtip booth at hitec

youtip, hospitality’s leading cashless, contactless, and app free digital tipping service, will host an Exhibitor Tutorial at HITEC Orlando titled: “The Power of Tipping: Going Beyond the Money.” The session will address the challenges of today’s cashless economy and explain how hoteliers can combat the labor shortage, measure satisfaction, capture feedback, improve online reviews, and set employees up for financial wellness with an end-to-end digital tipping platform.

The Power of Tipping: Going Beyond the Money” will be held Tuesday, June 28 from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Exhibit Hall, Stage B, Booth 2500, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. To show appreciation to those wanting to learn more about this hot topic, the company will “tip” the first 25 people who register early a $25 Visa Gift Card to be redeemed at the conclusion of the session.

To pre-register for this educational session, click here.

“For most hotel workers, tips are their livelihood,” said Sarah Taveprungsenukul, youtip co-founder and chief commercial officer. “Today people are not living paycheck to paycheck, they are living day to day. With cash non-existent on the travel scene, discretionary tipping is a BIG problem. Recently, operators have seen numerous companies entering the hospitality scene with a variety of ways to leave tips for hotel staff that do not involve cash. While most of these solutions are solving a problem for tippers, they are causing huge headaches for hoteliers and those on the receiving end – namely, tips cannot be accessed for up to two weeks when they are disbursed via employee paychecks. For some, that could mean not having gas money to get home or the ability to buy groceries for their families. What the industry needs is a true end-to-end solution that solves the money problem for employees and brings operational insights and efficiencies.”

The Power of Tipping: Going Beyond the Money” will discuss:

  • How going cashless has set the industry back for tipping, and how hoteliers can help propel it forward by implementing an end-to-end digital tipping solution.

Ø  Why consumer peer-to-peer apps (like Venmo and Cashapp) are bad for business and how implementing an enterprise tipping solution can provide the same convenience without compromising on safety.

  • How Tipping is a Key Performance Indicator and how digital tipping data can provide insights that can measure guest and employee satisfaction as well as help owners and operators optimize their business.
  • How an effective digital tipping strategy can be used to attract and retain employees while motivating, encouraging, and supporting the opportunity for tips to be earned again.
  • How digital tipping can be “Faster than Cash” – speeding money up and slowing it down – and how it can be leveraged to provide financial wellness for tipped workers.

“Tipping is not just a monetary exchange, it’s a key performance indicator of a positive guest experience,” Taveprungsenukul said. “We at youtip understand the power of tipping going beyond the money. Hoteliers interested in learning more about digital tipping should attend this Tutorial. The first 25 to register early to attend this presentation will be ‘tipped’ with a $25 Visa Gift Card to be redeemed in person at the session.”

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