HITEC 2022 NEWS: World Cinema Introduces Upgraded Technology Experiences at HITEC 2022

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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This year, World Cinema will introduce a multitude of service-related advancements, including the next generation of the WorldVue platform, a redesigned customer portal, and an array of value-focused retrofit property solutions. Visit Booth 1401 for an immersive, hands-on experience of the innovations and initiatives to advance your property above the competition.

WorldVue Experience Suite

World Cinema is excited to announce the next generation of WorldVue, an expansion of the industry's leading, fully customizable guest entertainment platform servicing over 350,000 rooms.

In addition to improving the overall guest experience, the upgraded WorldVue platform empowers hotel managers to promote local services and upcoming events directly through the entertainment system. Thoughtful technology by World Cinema provides hotels the ability to upsell, build brand loyalty, and increase GSS (Guest Service Scores) simply by utilizing the WorldVue portal and the in-room television screen.

The WorldVue in-room entertainment system is the all-inclusive marketing and entertainment solution for hotels.

Capabilities Include: 

-       Theme Customization 

-       Personalized Welcome Messaging 

-       Events Calendar 

-       Guest Messaging 

-       House Video Channels 

-       Compendium 

-       Product Marketing In-House VOD 

-       Live Stream 

-      Customized guest personas

World Cinema also brings extreme personalization to hotels, encouraging management to use the television as the center point of the guest room experience. The WorldVue platform ties into each hotel's loyalty and CRM systems to give guests personalized recommendations to optimize and enhance their stay. Management can impress guests with personalized welcome messages and curated technology set to each guest's individual preference, all through the WorldVue platform.

Additionally, WorldVue is fully agnostic and supports all major smart television platform solutions. Hoteliers can launch new relationships with different content providers expanding their current content offering for guests.

Retrofit Specialist and Technologies

ImpruviX by World Cinema announces its designation as a specialized provider to retrofit existing properties. ImpruviX focuses on upgrading and optimizing existing properties with minimal impact on daily operations and downtime. Experienced in design and wiring, ImpruviX by World Cinema reviews the cabling specifics and electrical as-built drawings of active properties to design a custom wiring solution to accommodate the building's unique, pre-existing structure. Whether it's overbuilding existing infrastructure, utilizing innovative wireless technology, or leveraging the latest innovations in infrastructure like Traxyl, Invisifiber, or Airvine, ImpruviX can bring advanced connectivity to even the most challenging or historic properties.

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