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HITEC 2022 NEWS: Nomadix and Telkonet Create Smart Room Experiences for Hotel Guests

Nomadix® Inc​., a technology leader in hospitality and multi-tenant industries, and Telkonet, a leader of intelligent automation solutions designed to optimize comfort, operational analytics, and energy efficiency for commercial markets, announced a new integration to create smart in-room experiences for hotels and their guests. Guests can now use their voices to set Telkonet smart thermostats to their preferences, for comfort and accessibility,  via Angie in-room voice assistants.  The combined solution will be shown at HITEC Orlando, June 27-30, 2022, Nomadix booth #1617.

Guests simply ask Angie to set a specific temperature, switch modes to cool or heat, or set fan speeds. The HITEC demonstration will use the Angie Spark 7 and the Telkonet Touch Combo thermostat, which is designed to enhance a property’s energy efficiency and features the top wireless protocols, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, in an all-in-one device. 

“At Telkonet we work to improve people's lives. Focusing on a building's energy efficiency is important for the hotelier because it results in economic savings, but equally important it improves guest experience, optimizing in-room comfort for the duration of their stay,”  said Jeff Sobieski, Chief Technology Officer at Telkonet. “As hotels look to optimize their operations, smart in-room technologies are an important factor in driving cost savings, efficiencies, and meeting new guest expectations. By partnering with Nomadix, the combined integration of our smart thermostats and the Angie voice assistant reduces energy consumption, improves operational efficiency with truly measurable results, and creates a more contactless, personalized experience.”

“In the face of staffing challenges, hotels are adopting smart technologies to assist stretched staff by automating tasks such as answering property questions and optimizing thermostat temperatures in empty rooms,” said Tammy Estes, chief product officer at Nomadix. “These upgrades also create more comfort and accessibility for guests to feel at home when they travel.

Angie voice assistants are multilingual, fulfill guest requests, answer common questions about the property, and create smart room experiences by controlling the TV, drapes, and lighting, in addition to thermostats. What’s unique about Angie is hoteliers can control 100% of the property-specific answers to guests’ questions for personalization and upsell. These in-room devices work around the clock to relieve associates of simple, recurrent questions, allowing them to focus on high-value services. Angie also upgrades and replaces outdated equipment, including alarm clocks, phones, Bluetooth speakers, advertising screens (on select models), and more.

For more information on the Angie by Nomadix In-Room Digital Concierge, visit:

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