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HITEC 2020 NEWS: TraknProtect Adds New LTE Gateways to Platform

 TraknProtect, a pioneer of location-based technology purpose-built for the hotel industry and a leading employee safety button provider for several major hotel brands, has unveiled powerful new technology to the TraknProtect Platform that delivers the capability to have LTE Gateways connect via a private network to communicate directly with the TraknProtect Cloud.

The TraknProtect Platform currently works when a safety button is activated, the safety button emits a BLE beacon signal that the TraknProtect BLE-Wi-Fi Gateways receive and communicate over Wi-Fi networks to the TraknProtect Cloud to be processed and provide real-time location of the employee; alternatively TraknProtect can integrate with existing Ruckus, Aruba, and Cisco Meraki networks to eliminate the need for additional gateways and leverage existing hotel infrastructure. Where hotels have weak WIFI coverage or prefer not to utilize their Wi-Fi networks, now, with the TraknProtect LTE Gateways provide further flexibility to hotels. In partnership with Verizon, the TraknProtect LTE Gateways are placed inside rooms where consistent reliable LTE cellular coverage is available and is constantly monitored remotely so that issues may be identified before they arise. With the LTE Gateways, the hotel's Wi-Fi can be bypassed completely creating a separate network for the safety button solution. TraknProtect is the only company to provide a full range of options to hotels to deploy the safety button solution whether using TraknProtect Wi-Fi Gateways, leveraging existing access points and now, using LTE Gateways.

"The ability to bypass the hotel's existing Wi-Fi is a big differentiator in the employee safety solution offerings to hotels," said Parminder Batra, TraknProtect Chief Executive Officer. "Hotels benefit because unlike large, bulky LTE safety buttons, which can also be taken offsite and increase liability for the hotel, the LTE Gateways cannot be taken offsite. They also minimize battery needs on the safety buttons while providing greater connectivity, and therefore, reliability. With the upcoming deadlines that hotels face for compliance, TraknProtect's LTE Gateway technology ensures the most advanced location-based security protocol and adequately protects hoteliers from liability and the potential legal consequences of non-compliance."

TraknProtect LTE Gateways will be announced at CYBER HITEC, October 27-29. For more information about the TraknProtect LTE Gateways or TraknProtect's comprehensive range of location-based solutions, please visit

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