HITEC 2019 NEWS: NYTEC Launches Connected X.0

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HITEC 2019 NEWS: NYTEC Launches Connected X.0


Nytec Inc. announced the launch of its Connected X.0 platform, aimed at defining and driving disruptive digital innovation through connected experiences that transform industries.

Connected X.0 delivers a customizable, turnkey IoT/IIoT solution with broad applicability across industries. Connected X.0 is a powerful enterprise IoT/IIoT network designed for cloud-integrated data generation. This advanced new technology provides efficient deployment in new infrastructures, as well as seamless integration with minimal impact in existing environments and is engineered to produce cloud-distributed data streams to client and third-party applications.

In addition, it builds on the knowledge and momentum we gained developing connected platforms for some of the industry’s largest and most recognized IoT/IIoT deployments. Data generation leads to operational excellence, competitive advantage The highly scalable distributed topology of the Connected X.0 platform includes Nytec designed and engineered sensors, aggregators, and gateways, integrated in a holistic technology wrapper, to generate data from almost any functionality across technologies and industries. With this data accessible in the cloud, companies can perform data analysis to derive valuable business insights that lead to heightened customer experiences, increased productivity, improved employee safety, more efficient operations, and competitive advantage.

Connected X.0 breathes new life into companies’ legacy technology investments; by capturing data from systems companies already have in place, the platform prolongs and extends the capabilities of that technology.

For more information on the Connected X.0 platform, visit nytec.com.