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HITEC 2017 NEWS: TravelClick Debuts New Pricing Engine

As pricing strategies in the hospitality industry continue to change, TravelClick, a global provider of innovative, cloud-based and data-driven solutions for hotels to maximize revenue, announced the upcoming release of its new Pricing Engine on the Company’s Central Reservations System (“CRS”). The product will be available in TravelClick’s iHotelier CRS to allow hoteliers to easily create new promotions, discounts and pricing strategies from start to finish, driving business to their direct channels.
With this new Pricing Engine, hoteliers can execute any pricing strategy – no matter how creative or complex – in six simple steps. The platform is built with modular pricing variables that can be layered to create highly targeted promotions in an intuitive, easy-to-use manner to drive future demand and occupancy.
Example promotions that hoteliers can set up include:
  • Mobile-only discounts targeting guests on-the-go
  • Last-minute or same-day discounts to drive immediate occupancy
  • Flash sales to quickly increase pick-up for need periods

In the same module, hoteliers can set thresholds, or sell limits, that enable them to automatically deactivate a promotion once a certain quantity is sold or amount of revenue is earned, assign promo codes so that guests can unlock a special rate and choose how to display promotions to guests in the booking engine.
TravelClick will continue to extend the capabilities of the new Pricing Engine, leveraging its data-driven integrations. Fast follower releases will include additional variables, like geo-targeting, and groundbreaking new dimensions for hoteliers with data from TravelClick’s Business Intelligence product suite.

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