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HITEC 2015 NEWS: Samsung's new LYNK SINC Leverages Telkonet for Seamless Hotel Integration and Enhanced Guest Experience

Samsung Electronics America partnered with intelligent energy management company Telkonet to offer a new multi-tiered LYNK SINC 3.0 with HMS solution, on display at HITEC 2015.
The new LYNK HMS is an optimized built-in TV content management solution, with benefits that include:
  • Elite Energy Management System (EMS) minimizing energy consumption of unoccupied rooms and maximizing guests comfort with thermal satisfaction when occupied. The EMS helps save energy and costs for hoteliers before, during, and after guests check out.
  • Room Management Systems (RMS) allowing real-time monitoring of guestrooms and guest requests reducing guest complaints and labor expenses. Mobile RMS also automates staff’s workflow with functions that enable staff to respond immediately to guest requests while the customizable business regulations function boosts employee productivity and accountability.
  • Complete In Room Control (IRC) allows guests to access information and services from the comfort of their hotel rooms over an IP-based infrastructure that enables in-room TVs to communicate with the hotel’s property management system (PMS). IRC gives users the ability to control and customize HVAC, lighting, drapery and DND/MUR from the Samsung Smart Hospitality TV.
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