HITEC 2015 NEWS: Itesso Intros Feature that Pushes Notifications to Apple Watch

Itesso intros its new Events, Tasks and Notifications feature that enhances the platform by alerting hotel staff, based on their role, of various tasks created by certain events — either through a special notification console or using the Itesso notification app for mobile devices, including the Apple Watch. For example, the system can now alert all managers on duty that a VIP is checking in and must be personally greeted. Notifications can also be set up to inform housekeeping of rooms being vacated by departing guests, so that they may be cleaned, or advise reservations staff that a booking with a special request was received from an external channel. The notification alert options are endless and relevant to every hotel department.
The ELS notification console can be set up to span multiple properties for maintenance and IT staff members who serve several hotel locations, or corporate team members who oversee a region or entire operations. Once a notification is received and an action item is accepted by a staff member, the alert is removed from the console of other users. This helps to streamline operations by holding the individual who claimed the task responsible for completion, as well as eliminating redundancy by other employees.
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