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HITEC 2014: Google Glass Assists Hotel Check-in Functionality

Itesso has announced that a Google Glass assisted hotel check-in solution is currently in development and was demonstrated at HITEC 2014 in Los Angeles, June 24-26. This new proof of concept solution is designed to maximize efficiency, functionality and convenience during the hotel guest check-in experience. Itesso's Google Glass assisted check-in leverages the most advanced technologies available, integrating them into a best-in-class solution with the potential to redefine the industry's protocol for the guest check-in operation.
Designed to be used in conjunction with the Cloud-native Itesso Enterprise Lodging System (ELS), Google Glass assisted check-in is the company's latest innovation, allowing hotel staff to recognize a guest as they walk up to the front desk. This is accomplished by simply comparing a Google Glass-taken photo with that of the individual's profile picture on file or publically available on sites such as LinkedIn. Once the guest's identity is confirmed, a simple voice command then completes the check-in process.
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