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HITEC 2014: Bittel's UNO Media 4 with Bluetooth Adds Convenience, Security for Guests

Today guests can wirelessly stream music from their mobile devices to the Bittel Americas. UNOMedia 4 rapid charging station now that it is equipped with Bluetooth. The popular all-in-one UNOMedia 4 unit, which serves as a multi-source audio player with alarm/clock/radio/telephone, enables guests to wirelessly connect their Bluetooth-enabled devices or use its patented EasyCharge multi function cable to connect their mobile devices for easy charging and playing. Supported devices include Apple lightning (iPhone 5 and new iPad), Micro USB (Android, Blackberry and Windows), Apple legacy (iPhone 4s and older), and audio 3.5mm(for music).
Bittel's UNOMedia 4 provides enhanced security for the hotel environment to prevent unauthorized pairing to the device. Some in-room devices, if designed and intended for the residential market, will assign the same ID to groups or entire lines of in-room entertainment devices. If the hotel installs these residential units in its hotel rooms, multiple Bluetooth stations with the same ID can be very confusing for guests and present a security risk whereby guests connect to a Bluetooth station in a wrong room, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  
Bittel has solved this problem by equipping each UNOMedia 4 with a Bluetooth module featuring a unique ID to ensure that data and music can't be streamed or accessed between guestrooms. Because each UNOMedia 4 unit is different, only one device can connect via Bluetooth at a time, making it impossible for accidental reconnecting in the future by using the same ID.
Bluetooth-enabled devices are fast becoming the solutions of choice for hoteliers in 2014. Just as Bluetooth is simplifying the process of connecting products within the home, it has impressive guest-service applications in the hotel.
Guests can use their Bluetooth-enabled phones to unlock hotel room doors and access kiosks, printers, fax machines and so on, but now, with UNOMedia 4 with Bluetooth, they can also carry on crystal clear phone conversations via the speakerphone, retrieve messages from anywhere in the room and play their favorite music without fear that their content is being enjoyed by someone else in a room next door or across the hall.
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