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Highgate Partners with Transcendent by Actabl as Preferred Provider of Hotel Asset Management Solutions

Actabl, an integrated hotel operations, business intelligence and labor management solution platform, announced that it has been selected by Highgate as the preferred provider of asset management solutions to its global portfolio of properties, which includes over 530 properties comprising over 87,500 owned and/or managed hotel rooms across the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Highgate elected to partner with Actabl, due to its unique range of modular integrated technologies, which includes Transcendent’s industry-leading enterprise asset management software that helps hotel managers optimize their maintenance, risk prevention and capital planning operations, while minimizing labor costs and increasing the longevity of property assets. Actabl’s additional value-adding modules will allow Highgate to future-proof its investment in new technologies and steer toward a long-term partnership with an innovative company that is rapidly growing its product and value to the industry. Other Actabl solutions already in use across the Highgate portfolio include the Hotel Effectiveness labor management platform, which is implemented in 328 Highgate hotels worldwide and the ProfitSword business intelligence solution which is currently in use by 172 Highgate properties.

“We chose to partner with Actabl, in order to expedite our goal of consolidating the disparate technology systems used by our hotels around the globe and streamline our operations to increase visibility, efficiency and standardization across the portfolio,” said Eric Au, Vice President of Engineering for Highgate. “Not only does the Transcendent by Actabl solution help us improve efficiency and productivity, it also enhances the accountability and effectiveness of hotel staff and allows more rapid response to guest requests. We look forward to implementing this solution across our portfolio, and to layering on other Actabl solutions to leverage the unique opportunity to share relevant data and intelligence between properties, regions and departments for a 360-degree vision of our organizational health.”

Actabl's integrated suite of advanced solutions provides unmatched insights into hotel operations, combined with powerful, intuitive tools to act on those insights, break down interdepartmental barriers, and improve both operational efficiency and the bottom line.​ This powerful toolset can be leveraged to enhance efficiencies and profitability at the individual, team, property, and portfolio levels.

“With such an eclectic collection of properties in far flung regions around the globe, Highgate has a compelling need to consolidate its technology solutions across its portfolio, while providing the right mix of tools to maximize performance and guest service at the individual property level,” said Steven Moore, CEO of Actabl. “With our comprehensive suite of industry-leading technology solutions, we are uniquely positioned to serve all segments, brands and sizes of the Highgate portfolio, and we look forward to a long-term partnership with this prestigious group.”

As part of the strategic partnership agreement, Actabl will provide preferred pricing to Highgate properties, as well as discounted training and implementation services.

For more information on Actabl’s comprehensive suite of hospitality technology solutions, please visit


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