Heritage Hospitality Selects Agilysys to be a 'Game Changer' at 4 Restaurants

Heritage Hospitality in York, Penn. selected a comprehensive solution suite from Agilysys Inc. - including systems for point-of-sale, payment processing and restaurant reservations - to optimize efficiency and enhance guest service at its four restaurant locations.
Heritage Hospitality, which owns and manages Heritage Hills Golf Resort and Heritage Hotel, currently uses the Agilysys Visual One PMS at both properties and required an advanced suite of restaurant solutions that would easily integrate with its existing infrastructure and deliver a rapid return on investment. With both fixed and mobile point-of-sale requirements, as well as the need for comprehensive table management capabilities, the Agilysys InfoGenesis and rGuest solutions were determined to be a good fit.
"Heritage Hospitality has always been a forward-thinking company, so we insisted on state-of-the art technology for managing our restaurants," said Brandon Markle, the company's vice president of technology. "The Agilysys suite is a real game changer, with software systems that speed turnaround times, allow guests to pay at the table quickly and securely, and perform 24/7. We are confident these solutions will help us streamline operations, maximize revenue potential and provide seamless guest service from reservations to payment."
Heritage Hospitality is using the following software solutions to optimize its restaurant POS guest interactions:
• InfoGenesis POS, a point-of-sale system from Agilysys that combines an easy-to-use touchscreen terminal application with reporting and configuration capabilities. The system's unique offline capabilities allow the POS terminal to continue processing transactions, even during intermittent server or network outages. InfoGenesis POS features real-time reporting capabilities, support for packages and prix fixe menus, signature capture and multi-language capability, and is available as an on-premises or hosted solution.
• InfoGenesis Flex, the Agilysys mobility solution that offers full point-of-sale functionality delivered on state-of-the-art tablets. InfoGenesis Flex provides a feature-rich mobile experience for restaurant and foodservice operations. The solution is designed to keep revenue flowing and guests satisfied in the most demanding high-volume environments, and its powerful offline capabilities ensure uninterrupted performance, even when Wi-Fi connectivity is inconsistent. Managers also have access to all InfoGenesis tools while on the floor, so they can oversee operations 'on-the-go' and make immediate service adjustments as demand ebbs and flows.
• rGuest Pay, the Agilysys payment gateway that enables complete and secure payment processing. rGuest Pay leverages: validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), which reduces the potential for malicious hacking and fraud; a Payment Information Proxy (PIP) that secures data arriving via e-commerce interfaces; robust tokenization, which eliminates storage of cardholder data; and a full range of fixed and mobile EMV-ready payment devices.
• rGuest Seat, the Agilysys web and iOS app-based table management solution that allows servers to greet guests and move around the restaurant to update table status. Built on open industry standards, the flexible solution can reside on a networked computer or operate on an Apple iPad or iPad mini mobile digital device. rGuest Seat offers full views of customized table layouts with capabilities to manage the dining process. An online reservation widget enables guests to easily book reservations from the restaurant website and offers options such as special menus and seating areas.
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