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Heartland Payment Systems and Tabbedout Serve Up Integrated Mobile Payment Solution to Drive Consumer Engagement

Heartland Payment Systems one of the nation’s largest payment processors and a leading provider of merchant business solutions, and Tabbedout, the free mobile payment app that allows consumers to open, view and pay tabs with their phones, have announced a strategic partnership to deliver an integrated mobile payment solution designed specifically for restaurant and bar operators. This joint solution, which will be brought to market by Heartland’s national sales force of more than 800 relationship managers, eliminates the tedious process of serving physical checks to each patron and tab management while also enhancing the customer experience by enabling consumers to access their checks and securely check out on demand.
Heartland and Tabbedout have a shared goal of supporting an open merchant and consumer platform that starts with payments and provides an infrastructure for merchants and brands, such as beverage brands and payment sources, to engage with consumers. By aggregating customer data, including profile information, purchase history and feedback, this solution enables operators and brands to offer targeted rewards and incentives to influence purchasing decisions, increase loyalty and attract new customers, all within the venues’ existing infrastructure. Tabbedout will continue to work with other payments and related companies to enable operators to work with the providers of their choice.
Leveraging key technologies from Heartland — the sole endorsed payments provider of the National Restaurant Association and 46 state restaurant associations — the companies will enhance the Tabbedout platform with features such as alternative payment acceptance; multi-use tokenization for payment security; SKU-level gift, rewards and promotions; reservations and waitlist management; gateway and e-commerce solutions; and more that enable operators to improve their payments and business management. The companies are also working together to integrate additional value-added services such as dining reviews and venue discovery to deliver more value to both customers and merchants.
The Heartland-Tabbedout solution is being rolled out this fall in several major cities, including Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; New York, NY; and New Orleans, LA.
This news comes on the heels of Heartland’s recent announcement of its a strategic partnership with Leaf, an open commerce platform that enables integrated commerce solutions and gives merchants the ability to choose the business tools that best fit their needs. Tabbedout will soon be available through the LeafAppstore™ for use on the LeafPresenter™, a tablet specifically designed for commerce.
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