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HealthePassport Provides Employee Health Management, Including Contact Tracing

Red e App, a provider of workforce performance for businesses relying on non-desk workers, announced the launch of HealthePassport, a comprehensive health management solution, integrating more than contact tracing alone, to help companies reopen safely and continue to protect the health of their employees and businesses by limiting exposure to and slowing the spread of COVID-19.

The novel coronavirus demands new safety measures from businesses, and HealthePassport can play a significant role with a HIPAA-, CDC-, and OSHA-compliant portal that can monitor and manage the health of the workplace more completely than anything available.

Integrated into Red e App’s leading workflow and business communications platform, HealthePassport aggregates several health inputs from employees and integrates contact tracing, including GPS-powered location tracking through a partnership with El Toro, a provider of mobile location analytics. This powerful portal allows companies to monitor outbreaks, identify at-risk employees and expedite communications between employers, managers and employees - keeping employees and businesses safe. HealthePassport also generates a mobile, color-coded Passport that can be used for employees to display their updated health status so they can work in safety with reduced risk of exposure.

“HealthePassport gives businesses the confidence that they can keep their employees safe while re-opening and continuing to run their businesses,” said Jonathan Erwin, Red e App founder and CEO. “Without comprehensive and automated solutions that inform fast, decisive action, businesses will face two extreme options with any COVID-19 diagnosis: do nothing, or shut down an entire building, campus or area. The former places all employees at immediate risk of infection, while the latter places all employees at long-term risk.”

Red e App was purpose-built to manage real-time workflow and information for businesses who rely upon the 80 percent of workers who do not sit at desks, and it remains flexible and adaptable to the 20 percent who do. Many of these businesses, like healthcare, post-acute healthcare, retail, hospitality, industry and manufacturing have been, or will be, most challenged by the post-COVID work environment.

This unique partnership with El Toro and its unparalleled tracking capabilities combines the data learnings from two industry leaders, turning mobile devices into powerful, personal, protective devices.

“This is about saving lives and providing businesses with the tools and technologies that can allow them to open in a safe manner,” said Stacy Griggs, CEO of El Toro. “In order to do that you need a broad vista of data and broad participation.”

With HealthePassport, employees, on a daily basis, can input four safety actions into the portal, including symptoms, body temperatures, self-health declarations and health tests such as antibody tests. HealthePassport can integrate contact tracing in two different ways, both of which are opt-in for employees: 1) via phone input or 2) via GPS-based location services that identify a device’s location. The privacy-safe implementation of GPS, geo-fenced to only identify a device while in the workplace, tracks proximal and surface exposure, which can’t be done using Bluetooth.

The portal keeps track of all employee interactions across a worksite for 14 days, allowing employers to identify who may have been at risk and quickly communicate with them.

While the Centers for Disease Control cites contact tracing as an imperative for preventing the spread of COVID-19, current public and private solutions have increasingly shown to be fraught with challenges of privacy, participation, speed and communication.

With Red e App employee adoption rates exceeding 70 percent historically with its customers, HealthePassport is best positioned to reach critical mass necessary. And the underlying platform has been developed with the corporate directory workflow engine that can decisively act and quickly communicate among employees and employers in a single platform. 

“We believe this challenge needs to be tackled and managed by businesses for businesses,” Erwin said. “The early results have shown that relying on consumers won’t produce actionable data, relying on manual tracing is too slow, and relying on a hodge-podge of platforms will create more complications than solutions.”

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