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Harri, ADP Team Up to Help Hospitality Businesses Reduce Hiring Costs

For the first time since the Great Recession, staff turnover rates for the Leisure-and-Hospitality sector topped 70%i. This means that bars, hotels and restaurants are having to recruit and train an almost entirely new workforce every year, placing a huge burden on HR departments and driving up profit-squeezing administrative costs.
To help keep costs down while freeing-up HR teams’ time, companies should look to consolidate their Human Capital Management (HCM) and recruitment systems. Through a new integration between Harri and ADP, clients in the hospitality industry are able to do just that.
Harri’s suite of hospitality-specific recruitment and workforce management tools has been integrated into ADP Workforce Now, ADP’s leading HCM platform for midsized businesses. In combining the two offerings, the companies created a one-stop-shop solution that gives clients full control and visibility over every stage of the employee’s lifecycle: from recruitment and onboarding to employment and retirement.
Harri’s solution helps to greatly reduce companies’ hiring costs. In one case study, the Altamarea Group’s hiring expenses fell by 48% and its time to hire fell by 68%.ii Now, with a combined Harri and ADP solution, HR teams stand to achieve even greater efficiencies by no longer spending time coordinating independent systems or moving complex and sensitive employee data between them.
Once ADP Workforce Now clients download the Harri app from the ADP Marketplace, a cloud-based app store designed to help employers manage an ecosystem of enterprise applications from ADP, they will also benefit from:
  • Seamlessly onboarding new hires to payroll: As new employees are hired and on-boarded, organizations can send employee records to ADP directly with a single click.
  • Reducing data errors with employee data sync: With automatic syncing between Harri and ADP platforms, clients can fluidly manage employee information.
  • Eliminating unneeded systems: Harri’s app can perform the functions of as many as 10 different recruitment and talent management systems, meaning ADP Workforce Now clients can reduce the number of independent solutions they use. 

NoHo Hospitality Group already adopted the combined Harri and ADP solution across its 10 properties of more than 1,100 employees.
"The Harri and ADP platform has streamlined all of our HR related activities while saving us time and money," said Kelly Perkins, Director of HR for NoHo Hospitality Group. "Our new hires and employees actually enjoy interacting with the digital onboarding system, which eliminates manual entry and the inevitable errors that come with it. Our managers appreciate the transparency and access to information that this integrated solution has provided.”
Additional restaurant and hospitality groups that have leveraged the unified Harri and ADP solution include Nando’s, CAVA, Mercer Street Hospitality and ThinkFoodGroup.

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ii Altamarea Group Savings Case Data
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