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Guest SMS Service Maximizes Mobile Guest Communication and Convenience

HOTELbeat, a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based hospitality operations management solutions, has released its Guest SMS service, a unique text-based two-way communication tool that allows guests to directly send and receive SMS/texts via the HOTELbeat platform. With Guest SMS, hotel guests can effortlessly communicate with staff in a seamless fashion that integrates and streamlines requests for operational services, such as housekeeping, maintenance and room service, to name a few. 

HOTELbeat's new Guest SMS feature effectively addresses the growing hotel industry trend toward the "connected guest," which is being driven by consumer demand from smart phone users who are increasingly comfortable handling more and more of their day-to-day transactions in a digital, self-service environment. In addition to added convenience for the guest, the Guest SMS solution also provides increased efficiency for the hotel, leveraging HOTELbeat's industry-leading ticketing functionality.
As a cloud-based tool that functions in real-time, HOTELbeat ticketing replaces outdated paper-based task assignment logs with a more efficient and trackable solution, providing staff with the ability to instantly receive, transmit and update the status of any task that requires attention, in any language.

Now with Guest SMS, guests themselves are able to tap into the advantages of an electronic task-ticketing feature. By simply using their own mobile phone or other SMS-enabled device, guests can instantly alert the appropriate staff or department to a particular request or concern. Any guest text communication is automatically logged under an assigned database tab within HOTELbeat, and is then directed to the appropriate department. The service is further enhanced thanks to each staff member's ability to access HOTELbeat from their own personal smart device, allowing for dramatically enhanced response times and relieving congestion on the often overworked front desk. 

In order to streamline guest services once a text is received, HOTELbeat users can either directly respond to a message, convert requests into tickets within HOTELbeat or create tasks for other staff members to follow up on. As a result, Guest SMS offers a seamless start to finish for all guest inquiries, safeguarding a property's ability to offer complete satisfaction and build loyalty.
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