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Grubhub Partners with POS Providers to Create Streamlined Restaurant Management Solutions

Grubhub, a takeout marketplace, announced its integration with point of sale (POS) systems Breadcrumb POS by Upserve and Toast. Restaurants using these systems can now manage all of their orders, both in-house and takeout, from one device. The new integration will also allow restaurants to more efficiently staff, save time on menu updates, consolidate financials and free up space on the crowded delivery tablet counter. 
Grubhub's POS integration raises the bar for in-house restaurant technology efficiency and eliminates the need to use multiple tablets, offering restaurant employees a streamlined restaurant operations experience. This means more time for staff to focus on what matters most: serving up delicious food. 
Some key benefits include: 
  • Improved staffing efficiencies Streamlining restaurant management functions means restaurateurs can deliver more orders for negligible incremental labor. This leads to significant cost savings, particularly for high-volume restaurants  
  • Smoother restaurant operations - Managing orders and inventory directly from the POS system allows staff to focus on serving up delicious food, rather than spending time tracking orders on multiple tablets 
  • Save time on menu updates - Menus updated via the POS system will automatically update on Grubhub's website, and on the mobile web and apps. This offers significant time savings to restaurant employees 
  • Better business insights - Consolidated financial information makes balancing the books and managing tips easier and more efficient 
  • Fewer devices in-house - Integrating into one in-house system allows restaurant owners to reduce the amount of hardware at each restaurant, clearing the crowded counter of delivery tablets to create a more functional space

Grubhub's point of sale integration -- a top request from its restaurant partners -- is already creating efficiencies for much-loved restaurant chains including Protein Bar, along with local favorites like NYC's Mile End Delicatessen and Chicago's Bombay Wraps. 
"We work hard to create Montreal-style specialty foods for our diners to enjoy, and appreciate the additional reach and awareness brought about by online ordering," said Joel Tietolman, co-owner of Mile End Delicatessen in New York. "Grubhub and Breadcrumb's POS integration allows us to update our in-restaurant and takeout menus at the same time, on one platform. This saves us time each day, and ensures that our diners can choose from the most updated menu items, whether they're eating in our restaurant or dining in the comfort of their own home."
"Our restaurant has one simple mission: to bring the delicious street foods that we ate growing up in Bombay," said Ali Dewjee, owner of Bombay Wraps in Chicago. "Since the integration of our Breadcrumb POS with Grubhub, it's been easier than ever to manage our back-of-house functions, giving us more time to bring the amazing tastes of Bombay to the people of Chicago!"

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