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Grubhub, Oracle Hospitality Collaborate to Simplify Delivery and Online Order Management for Restaurants

Grubhub announced its integration with Oracle Hospitality, a provider of hardware, software, and services that allow food and beverage operators to deliver exceptional guest experiences while maximizing profitability. Restaurants using the unified system -- designed with the needs of enterprise and franchise restaurants in mind -- can now manage all of their orders, both in-house and takeout, from one device. Additionally, restaurants will be able to more efficiently staff, save time on menu updates, consolidate financials and free up space on the crowded delivery tablet counter.
Grubhub's POS integration raises the bar for in-house restaurant technology efficiency and eliminates the need to use multiple tablets, offering restaurant employees a streamlined restaurant operations experience. This means more time for staff to focus on what matters most: serving up delicious food.
Some key benefits include:
  • Improved staffing efficiencies - Streamlining restaurant management functions means restaurateurs can deliver more orders for negligible incremental labor. This leads to significant cost savings, particularly for high-volume restaurants 
  • Smoother restaurant operations - Managing orders and inventory directly from the POS system allows staff to focus on serving up delicious food, rather than spending time tracking orders on multiple tablets
  • Save time on menu updates - Menus updated via the POS system will automatically update on Grubhub's website, and on the mobile web and apps. This offers significant time savings to restaurant employees
  • Better business insights - Consolidated financial information makes balancing the books and managing tips easier and more efficient
  • Fewer devices in-house - Integrating into one in-house system allows restaurant owners to reduce the amount of hardware at each restaurant, clearing the crowded counter of delivery tablets to create a more functional space
  • Easily deploy delivery services across properties – With this new partnership restaurateurs can easily grow their revenues by leveraging delivery and pick up orders nationwide through Oracle Hospitality Simphony software

Point of sale integration is a top request from Grubhub's restaurant partners and by partnering with Oracle Hospitality, the integration will make order management easier than ever for enterprise and chain restaurants.

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