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Grand Hyatt New York Engages Business Travelers with Digital Signage Network

The Grand Hyatt Hotel of New York is now running its sophisticated digital signage system on Omnivex software. The Grand Hyatt NY has a complex floor plan and hosts many conferences and meetings. The hotel wanted to help enhance the guest experience and help them navigate the large facility more easily. The hotel selected Omnivex software to manage the network for its ability to automatically update screens throughout the hotel by interfacing with the hotel's existing scheduling system, called Daylight.

On the newly redesigned Conference Level, four 40inch LCD displays are suspended in mid-air in front of the glass that overlooks the main floor. The content directs guests to their meetings, illustrates the floor plan, and informs guests of on-site restaurants and upgrades such as Hyatt Gold Passport. Outside each meeting room, 15" widescreen LCD panels provide automatically updating schedules to show what is taking place in each room.

"The guest experience is our top priority and the digital signage system puts Grand Hyatt NY a notch above competing luxury hotels," says Thomas Beatty, senior director of convention services for Hyatt's eastern region. "This technology helps our facilities stand out as exceptional."

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