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Granbury Solutions Adds Restaurant Website Services

Restaurant point-of-sale provider, Granbury Solutions, has released an innovative new website solution for restaurants, bars, wine tasting rooms and coffee shops. Powered by the innovative Appetas website technology, Granbury Websites help restaurant or shop owners create a modern, professional website in seconds, without any technical or design experience.
According to research, more than 90% of consumers search for a restaurant online within a six month period. For these consumers it is essential that small business have a strong web presence. Previously, the website design process involved working with web firms or local technical companies to create and update their website, which required substantial costs and time commitments.
Through a partnership with Appetas, Granbury Solutions is able to provide clients with a powerful yet affordable addition to its suite of strategic business technology. This service, paired with Granbury’s Loyalty Marketing, Online and Mobile Ordering solutions allows business owners to present consistent branding and messaging across every channel.
Granbury Websites enables restaurant owners to preview site options instantly by simply entering their website name and location. With an easy step-by-step process, users can customize text, add images and share the site online within minutes. Tasteful and responsive design templates create the perfect style for restaurants with the added bonus of a mobile website at no additional cost.
Simple to manage and update, Granbury Websites provide additional opportunities for turning web visitors into paying customers with a simple way to reserve a table or place an order online. Granbury Websites are fully integrated with Customer Loyalty, Online and Mobile Ordering, and Club Membership tools, making it easy for businesses to connect with customers and increase sales.
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