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GoTab Unveils EasyTab to Help Servers, Bartenders Seamlessly Bridge Mobile Order and Pay-at-Table with Traditional Service

Restaurant commerce platform GoTab announced it is launching a new distinctive feature: EasyTab™. This feature, which leverages guest mobile devices, bridges traditional service and empowers guests by making opening, closing, reordering, and transferring tabs from bar to table fast, easy and hassle-free.

Designed to make the dine-in ordering experience even more convenient for servers and guests, EasyTab is one more feature that makes GoTab the most flexible tab-based ordering solution available on the market. Bridging traditional service models with guest-led ordering, EasyTab helps GoTab operators introduce contactless ordering to their guests, guiding them over the hurdle of using their mobile device to place their food and drink orders. EasyTab™ is changing the way technology supports restaurant operations, creating more positive, profitable experiences, specifically in restaurants with multiple dining areas and who cater to large groups or events.

"Operators are struggling with the double-edged sword of an influx of guests that are eager to return to in-venue dining and entertainment, while having to operate with less staff. At the same time, they can be reluctant to introduce mobile order and pay due to the resistance of guests and staff to learning new operating models. With EasyTab, we effectively solve the problem. The result is an elegant transition from traditional ordering through a server, to mobile ordering and payment, and back again, depending on the guest's individual preference," says Tim McLaughlin, GoTab CEO and Co-Founder.

How EasyTab Works

Guests can open a tab the traditional way through a server or bartender. When prompted to keep the tab open, the server (or guest) simply dips or swipes the card provided for payment, and enters the guest's mobile number. A link to the open tab is provided via text, and the guest accesses the tab on their device. Now they can order, re-order, and pay throughout their visit, from anywhere in the venue. And because their payment method is automatically applied to their open tab, they can split or settle their check out without having to wait for a physical check or head to the counter to pay. Click here to learn more:

Works Seamlessly with the GoTab All-in-One POS

Unlike other POS systems that make guests close their tab when they move from the bar to the table, GoTab tabs stay open no matter where guests venture. Where on-premise dining used to rule the scene, restaurants have adapted to business models that also include online ordering and 3rd party marketplace platforms increasing their revenue streams more than ever before. The EasyTab feature from the GoTab POS takes the guesswork out of managing complex omni-channel front-of-house operations while integrating back-of-house operations.

GoTab's all-in-one, cloud-based POS makes the systems restaurants use work more effectively, and reduces the top pain points restaurants face from staffing shortages, managing 3rd party platforms, and time spent on multiple transactions. The company's customizable, scalable POS moves restaurants towards a more frictionless experience. The POS can run on nearly any existing hardware (iOS, Android, or PC), removing cost and time barriers restaurants face when looking to switch to innovative, customizable solutions. From quick-service to mid-size and fine dining restaurants, GoTab's POS anticipates the needs of restaurant staff and guests, so restaurants can focus more time anticipating the needs of their guests, leading to enhanced guest experience and higher profitability.

EasyTab + All-in-One POS supports Back of House and Payment Processing

Using GoTab's Kitchen Display System and integrated printers, servers always know where to locate guests and deliver the food and beverage orders. Meanwhile, guests are free to move about, and reorder at their convenience without ever having to flag a server, close or reopen their tab. When friends join the party, guests can share their tab using GoTab's native features for tab sharing (via text or QR code specific to their tab). When everyone is ready to leave, they can expedite the payment process by closing out and splitting the tab on their own on their mobile device. GoTab makes the payment process easy and seamless by clearly displaying all charges, fees and tip recommendations.

EasyTab is now available for all GoTab customers. Click here to learn more and request a demo.

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