GoTab Launches API Developer Portal

Next-gen restaurant commerce platform GoTab recently launched its own API Developer Portal for integrated partnerships. It has also named Chris Jennings as Technical Director of Integrations to develop and implement the API strategy for the new portal, as well as build a technical path to market for new technologies and manage integrated partners pre- and post-launch.

GoTab has already built an impressive ecosystem of best-of-breed technology partners designed to answer operators' diverse needs. GoTab has completed over 30 partner integrations across the restaurant tech ecosystem and is forecasting to more than double this number leading into 2023. Functioning as a true aggregator, GoTab's channel and integrated partner program continues to seek out and connect with the best inventory and restaurant management platforms, point of sale and payment platforms, third-party delivery and reservation tools, marketing automation and customer engagement platforms, as well as HR and staffing softwares.

As operators continue to seek out technologies that help them face major industry challenges (tight labor market, rising costs and supply-chain issues), GoTab's partner integrated ecosystem features inventory management softwares such as YellowDog, CraftPeak, or BarTrack, allowing operators to track and optimize the availability and quality of their products alongside sales and revenue data, all in real-time and in one place. GoTab operators also rely on labor management platforms such as 7Shifts and CTUIT to forecast their staff needs, and minimize the time and effort spent working on employees' schedules. Innovative solutions such as MarginEdge, Compeat (now Restaurant365) and RASI help operators thrive, integrating key performance data from GoTab directly into their accounting, payroll, and finance platform.

Beyond the seamless back-of-house integration and connected capabilities, GoTab's partner ecosystem helps operators place their brand front and center. Connected platforms like Klaviyo and Wisely powered by Olo, deliver automated marketing and data intelligence to strengthen guest relations and increase customer engagement through various communication channels, such as SMS, web and email. In a digital world, protecting a brand's reputation is made easier through connected platforms like Marqii. With a brand that is more discoverable comes challenges around third-party delivery services, which GoTab answers through integration with third-party delivery aggregators, Novadine and Otter, and direct connections to DoorDashUberEats and more.

After a decade in the fintech industry, Jennings will focus on spearheading the curation of these integrated partners, carefully selecting technology partners so that GoTab operators can choose the solutions that best fit their needs and allow them to operate efficiently. "We like to say that it truly takes a village to support the diverse needs of restaurants," said Jennings. "That's why I'm excited to continue to curate the best technology partners for GoTab operators. Each venue, each operator is unique - there isn't one software or hospitality technology solution that will meet all of their needs. GoTab is selecting the best solutions on the market for them to access, so they can truly reap the benefits of our integrated partner ecosystem," he added.

Jennings joined GoTab from Vend, where he was responsible for overseeing the retail POS software's payment partnerships strategy in North America. Prior to that, he worked at Mercury (now Worldpay at FIS) for more than 10 years, managing developer integration and building out APIs and a full portal for developers to communicate.

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