Google Partners with ChowNow to Bring Google Wallet to Independent Restaurants

ChowNow, the online ordering and marketing platform for restaurants, has announced a new partnership with Google that brings Google Wallet to thousands of independent restaurants across the United States. All ChowNow restaurant clients’ ordering apps have been updated to include Google Wallet at no additional cost, and all new restaurant clients will receive it as a standard feature.
The addition of Google Wallet benefits both restaurants and their customers. Rather than manually inputting their credit card number and billing address, customers with an Android phone can simply tap the “Buy with Google” button. As a result of the added convenience and reduced ordering times, restaurants should see increased order volumes, and hence a more profitable to-go business. With 70 million Android phones currently in use the addition of Google Wallet has broad appeal.
In addition to increased convenience, Google Wallet also offers an extra layer of security to both consumers and restaurants.  With Google Wallet Fraud Protection 100% of verified unauthorized Google Wallet transactions in the US are covered.
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