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Google: 27% of Millennials Use a Smartphone to Shop for Hotels

Millennials are more likely to shop for flights and hotels on a smartphone, says a December report released by Google titled "Millennial Travelers: Mobile shopping and booking behavior." In fact, 41% of millennial travelers say they've used a smartphone to shop for flights while only 25% of people over the age of 35 years old said the same. Similarly, 27% of millennial travelers said they used a smartphone to shop for hotels while only 19% of people over 35 years of age said the same.
The report also found that millennials, in general, trust the flight and hotel information they find on smartphones: 66% of millennial travelers are confident they can find the same flight and hotel information whether they search on a mobile device or desktop computer. Meanwhile, only 43% of travelers over the age of 35 have this same confidence. Perhaps because millennials trust travel information found on mobile devices, they are also are more comfortable planning and booking an entire trip via their smartphone. Two-thirds of millennials say they're comfortable doing so versus one-third of travelers over the age of 35.
And perhaps of most interest to hoteliers could be that 64% of millennials say they typically book a hotel room on a smartphone after shopping on one, while only 42% of those who are 35+ say the same.
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