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Geo-location Stimulates Mobile App Use and Quick ROI

Hoteliers looking to enhance their current mobile strategy and increase guest engagement with their branded mobile app are turning to GEO-Location. Through targeted hotel-to-guest messaging based on location (indoor or outdoor), hotel marketers are finding that mobile app use is on the rise. This not only drives incremental revenues and provides a faster mobile app investment return; it simultaneously increases guest satisfaction, builds loyalty and improves the hotel's bottom line.
GEO-Location provides hoteliers with the latest in technology — GPS, Latitude/Longitude positioning, Bluetooth BLE 4.0, NFC and WiFi — to locate guests and send them personalized messages by SMS, Push, or via the hotel's Mobile App. The geo-location component can easily be added to any existing app by use of our software development kit, or it can be included in a full Mobile Engagement Solution by RoamingAround.
Proximity marketing drives impulse purchases by accurately pinpointing where a guest or group of guests is on property. This ensures that all triggered messages can be personalized to each individual or group, and it increases the likelihood that the guest will accept the offer and engage. Properties and brands decide the areas and rules of when and who gets hit with these messages; different content is shown to different users based on proximity and preferences.  Messages can even be triggered in multiple languages for a multi-cultural experience.
To facilitate indoor geo-fencing, RoamingAround works with each hotel to identify the best indoor access points (iBeacon, Bluetooth BLE 4.0 and WiFi) throughout the property. Being able to detect a guest's movement vertically between floors or levels of a space greatly improves the accuracy of sending relevant messages. These messages can be discounted deals, complimentary offerings or luxury incentives, such as a private booking. RoamingAround's GEO-Location enables marketers to manage automated triggers that contain hyper-personalized messaging to ensure they are not only gaining incremental revenue, but also engaging each customer with different experiences, based on their personal preferences, habits and history.
RoamingAround's outdoor geo-fencing  solution tracks customers as they explore the surrounding areas and entices guests to take immediate action within “fenced” locations, such as hotel outlets, partnering businesses, transportation hubs and even competitor locations. The technology combines individual customer profile data, business intelligence rules and uses latitude and longitude coordinates, GPS or Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, to automatically streamline each scheduled or event-driven trigger.
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