Generator & Freehand Hotels Selects Duetto’s Revenue Strategy Platform

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Generator & Freehand Hotels, providers of design-led shared accommodation, has partnered with Duetto, hospitality's innovative software as a service provider of revenue strategy solutions, to maximize on revenue opportunities as it streamlines operations.

Generator & Freehand Hotels operate a portfolio of 19 properties, offering stylish accommodation in popular destinations such as Amsterdam, Paris, New York and Miami.T

he company has moved its entire portfolio of boutique hotels and hostels onto Duetto, following a rapid integration that went from contract to go-live in only six weeks.

This swift integration was made possible due to the market-leading partnership between Duetto and cloud-based property management system Mews. Together, the two SaaS brands created a customer-led data provisioning process, with exceptional data granularity and a data validation toolkit that accelerated the whole process. 

Optimized pricing, efficient forecasting, and reporting were the main requisites Generator and Freehand Hotels was looking for in a revenue strategy platform.

“We had been with an existing pricing tool for the last 18 months and we were looking to move to a revenue strategy platform. There was a clear difference between what we had and what Duetto provides. The analytics and reporting in Duetto are impressive and will add a new dimension to our revenue management capabilities in the future,” said Edward Pinchard, Chief Commercial Officer, Generator & Freehand Hotels.

Generator & Freehand Hotels is now optimizing every booking with Duetto’s GameChanger pricing application and benefiting from increased efficiencies by using ScoreBoard for reporting and forecasting.

“Generator and Freehand are very forward-looking brands that are intent on pulling out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and better equipped technologically to face the ‘new normal’. The team had quickly evaluated the situation and realized they needed more from their tech stack, and we are extremely proud they chose Duetto,” said David Woolenberg, CEO, Duetto.

“Integrating with new solutions is something that many hoteliers dread, because they think it will take months and cost lots. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Through the Mews Marketplace, Generator can easily connect to hundreds of hospitality tech solutions, of which Duetto is one of the real standouts, and push their business forward,” said Matt Welle, CEO, Mews.

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