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GDPRapp Solves GDPR Risk Exposure for Hospitality ltd., a British technology company, said it offers same-day deployments and immediate GDPR compliance with its GDPRapp. GDPRapp is a new solution of mobile apps that work on all mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Deployment across a corporate network can take as little as three (3) hours depending only on whether the customer has a bespoke list of risk and controls.

GDPRapp, launched in December and is a mobile-based application designed to protect organizations against claims of non-compliance from regulators and customers. GDPRapp is configured to meet key regulatory frameworks such as ISO 27001, Cobit 5, COSO, and even SOX by requiring signatures in-app after testing and certification.  dramds offers many suitable risk and controls catalogues based on the GDPR legal framework and GDPR requirements and can also write custom controls catalogs per individual customer's requirements. Moreover, it generates its own certification packs that roll-up testing, controls, risk and governance for high-level management review, with in-app photos of evidence of system testing. GDPRapp can produce a risk or controls certification pack on schedule and email out via the client's servers (Azure/AWS compatible).

"Ultimately, assurance comes from the signature handwritten on to the app which signs off the company's risk management solution. GDPRapp can provide immediate protection for the organization from penalty by evidencing the governed data landscape in a pragmatic way: one that requires minimal investment in infrastructure or system transformation and is readily deployable," says Dr. Anthony McDonagh-Smith, Director of

"Since the beginning of January, European regulators have begun issuing significant fines amounting to more than $1 billion related to GDPR breaches. GDPRapp helps to provide indemnification against those penalties in a timeframe that other solutions struggle to meet," says Dr. McDonagh-Smith.

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