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Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh Integrates Paytronix Rewards and OLO Online Ordering Platforms

Paytronix Systems, Inc., a provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, announced that Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh has successfully integrated its Paytronix-powered V.I.B. Rewards Club with the OLO online order platform for a seamless customer experience. With close to 10 percent of its customers using online ordering and 28 percent enrolled in the V.I.B. Rewards Club, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh opted to consolidate customer transactions from both systems into a single, easily accessible platform.

Garbanzo can identify customers and transactions within the online ordering transaction then leverage that information via the Paytronix Real Time Guest Engagement Platform to bolster visits and spending with real-time rules, offers and messages. The connection between the two platforms creates a valuable CRM environment from which Garbanzo can leverage guest behavior data to predict future behavior, strengthen guest relationships, and ultimately deliver a greater impact to the chain. Garbanzo customers who choose to order online automatically accrue points to their rewards program.

“Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh wants its customers to have the same experience – shop, click and buy – whether they are they are on the website or the mobile app,” said James Park, CEO, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh. “By tightly integrating our OLO online ordering system with the Paytronix Rewards platform, we are assured that our customers have a seamless experience every time they interact with us.”

Headquartered in Denver, CO., Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh has 25 locations and is adding more each year. Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh serves its guests authentic, healthy, no-fuss Mediterranean foods. The chain’s V.I.B. (very important bean) Rewards Club is built on the Paytronix Rewards Platform.

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