Fuel Unveils Latest Enhancements to Its Owner Portal for the Condotel Property Market

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Fuel, a provider of hotel software and digital marketing solutions for the global hospitality industry, announced a significant upgrade to its owner portal, a fully customizable property dashboard that provides condotels with precise control over owner visibility and enables streamlined communications. The newly released update features a completely redeveloped user interface that adds mobile-responsive functionality, allowing the portal to be easily accessed from any mobile phone or desktop device. In addition, expanded document management features have been added to give owners more visibility and control over their units.

Fuel's newly enhanced mobile-friendly tool is designed to improve owner retention and streamline communication for condotel and other multiple ownership properties. "For any property, the management and accessibility of information is key," said Stuart Butler, chief operating officer of Fuel. "That is particularly true in the condotel market, due to the number of owners that need access to the data. Our updated dashboard is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tool that is designed to help properties improve their relationship with owners because it allows for better communication and provides the owner with more transparency."

With newly streamlined communication features, including intelligent document management, owners can ensure that they are sending the correct contracts, owner documents, and event notifications to the right owner. The flexible dashboard integrates with the property PMS, allowing for real-time data syncing, including work orders, financial statements, and reservation activity. It also provides itemized information related to any work orders, completed repairs, and upcoming maintenance. Monthly financial statements are visible within the dashboard and automated emails can notify owners when they are available. The reservation window allows owners to easily view upcoming reservations of their unit and even make future reservations for themselves or for a friend or family member.

In addition to the UI enhancements, the updated Fuel Owner Portal allows for customized branding, so each property can embed the entire dashboard into their own domain for a seamless look and feel. With advanced permission controls, management can select the precise information that each owner is allowed to access, using the newly improved profile management system.