FreshBytes Partners with DoorDash Drive

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

FreshBytes  has teamed up with DoorDash Drive to provide nationwide flat-rate delivery to its customers.

This partnership has come when third-party delivery fees are increasingly under fire and several U.S. cities  move to levy restrictions on third-party delivery companies. Several restaurants are adding in-house or native delivery. As many restaurants are shifting to off-prem due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants are looking at adding in-house or native delivery.  Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) has created a Native Delivery Workgroup where restaurants can troubleshoot and share best practices. 

Delivery on Demand

This FresyBytes/DoorDash collaboration provides instant relief to restaurants paying hefty commissions (of up to 35%) charged by third-party delivery apps.

Through this initiative, not only restaurants will be able to make deliveries at a fixed flat rate, but also get more control on their digital orders, allowing their customers to order directly from their website or branded mobile ordering app, powered by FreshBytes.

FreshBytes system communicates with DoorDash Drive to request on-demand delivery for delivery orders.

Restaurants can track the progress via FreshBytes order dashboard as the dasher gets assigned, food is picked up from the restaurant and delivered to the customer. This is possible as FreshBytes system is in constant communication with the DoorDash Drive system enabling restaurant owners to know where the food is and when it was delivered to the customer.

FreshBytes is currently working with restaurants all over the USA providing a robust, modern and easy to use online ordering solution. FreshBytes offers all-in-one pickup, curbside pick up, delivery and contactless dine-In solutions. 


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