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Fresh To Order Adds SmartMenu to Customize Guest Meals

Fresh To Order is a franchised restaurant that combines quality, chef-inspired American cuisine, fresh ingredients, and fast service. The restaurant, whose goal is to offer delicious food for around $10 served in approximately ten minutes, has recently added its new SmartMenu technology. The restaurant’s goal with the new technology is to create a memorable dining experience for guests with personalized meal recommendations that are meaningful to their health and tailored to each individual’s specific nutritional needs. Fresh To Order is currently operating the SmartMenu technology at its Buckhead location in Atlanta and expects to add the technology at all six Fresh To Order locations by the end of the year, with each location adding two to three SmartMenu kiosks.
The SmartMenu system simplifies the ordering process with an interactive computer screen that acts as a virtual cashier and displays a detailed description of each item on the menu, including a high-resolution photo and details on all nutritional content. The computer system lets guests tailor each meal to meet their dietary goals by offering a series of recommendations based on specific nutritional preferences that are entered into the system. For example, if someone is looking for a low-carb or high-protein meal, in a matter of seconds the SmartMenu will sort through the Fresh To Order menu and produce a list of intelligent, on-demand suggestions that meet the individual health goals of the guest.
“The driving force behind our decision to use SmartMenu was not only to manage the new upcoming federal nutritional guidelines, but mainly to offer our guests a healthier, more enjoyable experience, while maintaining a technological edge over our competitors,” said Jesse Gideon, vice president of operations and corporate chef for Fresh To Order. “SmartMenu provides more than just basic calorie counts—it tailors each meal to each guest’s individual specific preferences.”
Besides making the nutritional content of each item fully transparent to each guest, the SmartMenu includes several features that lend more ease to the dining experience. SmartMenu remembers each guest’s individual ordering history by way of a diner recognition feature. Each time a guest returns to Fresh To Order, SmartMenu displays their ordering history on the screen, and makes additional recommendations based on past choices.
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